Summer House – Frequently Asked Questions


Before Your Tan
  • Shave or wax 24-48 hours before your tanning appointment.
  • Exfoliate to remove any dead skin the day before your tan for the smoothest outcome. Use an oil-free scrub, washcloth, or loofah.
  • Arrive with dry clean skin; remove all makeup, deodorant, fragrances, and oils from your body and face.
  • Bring dark loose-fitting clothing and sandals to avoid your tan rubbing off.


*Summer House offers light exfoliation and hair removal services as add-ons.

After Your Tan
  • Stay dry. Avoiding sweating, exercising, or getting your skin wet while your tan develops.
  • Shower 6-10 hours after your appointment for the best results.
  • Use warm water, do not soak, avoid harsh scrubbing and harsh chemicals. Lightly pat yourself dry.
  • To keep your tan from cracking or fading too fast, moisturize a couple of times per day with chemical-free products. Drink as much water as possible to stay hydrated.
How Should I Prepare 24 Hours Before My Appointment?

Exfoliate to remove dead skin for the smoothest application and outcome. Shaving is recommended 24 hours before your tan. Waxing should be done 48 hours before your tan.

*Summer House offers hair removal and light exfoliation services as an add-on that can be done right before the tan.

How Should I Prepare On the Day Of My Appointment?

Show up to your appointment with clean, dry skin. Come in with no makeup, lotions, oils, waxes, or perfumes on your face or body. All tanning sessions include makeup removal and face washing. Bring dark, loose-fitting clothing + sandals to wear after your tan.

What Should I Do After My Appointment?

Keep dry, avoid exercising, sweating, or contact with water until after your first shower. Wait 6-10 hours before showering. Use warm water and be gentle during your first post-tan shower. Avoid harsh scrubbing, soaking, exfoliants, cleaners, and harsh chemicals.

How to Ensure Even Results?

Moisturize several times a day with chemical-free lotions to keep your tan from cracking, looking scaly, or fading too fast. Chlorine pools, hot tubs, excessive shaving, scented lotions, astringents, and cleaning solutions will wear your tan away at a quicker rate. Drink as much water as possible to stay hydrated.

Do I Need To Avoid Any Products Before Or After My Tan?

Avoid retinol and bleaching products. Do not use products containing benzoyl peroxides, salicylic acid, alpha-hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids, malic, or lactic acids. Refrain from using toners and serums that contain alcohol or witch hazel. Facial scrubs, masks, strips, or microdermabrasion can affect your facial tan. Waxing, hair removers, hair inhibiting lotions, and dull razors can also affect your tan.

How Long Does A Spray Tan Last?

The better care you take of your skin, the better your spray tan will look, feel, and last. Most people will notice the tan will fade on average 4-7 days after their session. Moisturize and hydrate! Follow our Tanning Tips for the best results.

What Do I Wear During My Tanning Session?

Whatever you are comfortable in. Most guests prefer no tan lines and go nude, others wear panties or a bikini. We also offer disposable undergarments if needed.

What Do I Wear After My Tanning Session?

Bring dark, loose-fitting clothing to wear after your session to ensure your tan doesn’t rub off or look uneven. Tight jeans, leggings, sports bras, and other form-fitting garments are not encouraged.

How Do I Know Which Color To Choose?

Our expert spray tan artists will help guide you in the right direction in selecting the best solution and additives to give you your desired result.

Will I Turn Orange After A Spray Tan?

We take pride in using the highest quality solutions available. If you prepare your skin correctly, follow our aftercare tips, and don’t get sprayed too dark for your skin tone, you should never look orange.

Can Hormones Affect My Tan?

Spray tans may develop differently during various hormonal cycles. Tans may develop lighter or not last as long during certain phases of ovulation, menstruation, or stress.

Can I Spray Tan If My Skin Is Peeling?

We do not recommend spraying if your skin is flaking or peeling, because it may result in a spotty outcome.

If I Have Naturally Dark Skin Can I Still Get A Spray Tan?

Yes. Spray tans usually look better on skin they can blend well with. However, any color of skin can get sprayed. Our custom solutions look good on all skin tones and can make anyone glow and look more radiant. It can also make uneven spots and areas blend to appear smoother.

Can You Get a Suntan Through a Spray Tan?

Yes. You can tan your skin with UV rays through a spray tan. Spray tans do not act as sunscreen and offer no more protection than bare skin. Your skin can still burn in the sun without proper sunscreen, even if you have a spray tan.

What Is DHA?

DHA is the active ingredient in the most effective sunless tanning products. DHA is typically derived from a natural source. When DHA is applied to the skin, it causes a reaction with the amino acids in the outermost layer and changes its color.

Is It Safe To Spray Tan While Pregnant?

DHA is FDA-approved for external use only. It sticks to the top layer of skin and isn’t thought to be absorbed past that. To be safe, we require pregnant women to bring a note from their doctor to get spray tanned.

Do you have to wear protective wear?

DHA is not recommended for contact to areas of the body surface covered by mucous membranes such as lips, eyes, nostrils, and private parts. If desired, proper eye, nose, mouth protection, and undergarments are available at your discretion.

How do we contact you?

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